Thursday, April 24

Plan Yang Tertangguh...Skytrex!

Aku excited giler dengan xtvt kali ini. Xtvt ini sangat lain drpd yang aku selalu participate. Aku jadi double excited sbb my workout buddies, seramai 25 orang pun join sekali. Tapi kami divide into two groups. Geng 2P which is Geng Panjat dan Geng Piknik. Geng Panjat ada 16 orang and the rest is Geng Piknik. Ekceli ini xtvt yang tertangguh since last year due to time constraint. Untuk entri ini, aku nak citer tentang Geng 2P dulu. 

Geng Panjat ada 16 orang wanita, including me, yg nak mencabar diri masing2 dari segi mental dan fizikal. Dari segi fizikal, aku rasa kami 16 orang ini, insyaAllah fit walaupun ada yang bermasalah lutut dan tangan. Tapi dari segi mental, we need each other to motivate each other up there. We need to be strong for each other. 

Geng Piknik pulak, 9 orang ini, terdiri drpd kwn2 yg ada masalah fizikal seperti tak boleh lasak sangat atau ada masalah kesihatan. But they want to tag along to give moral support to Geng Panjat. Infact they prepare some meals for Geng Panjat. Best!!! 

Then, to add some excitement and motivation, we even make our own tshirt, designed by my hubby for that event (thanx, dear!). My thank you also goes to Sofu sebab tolong collect duit tshirt, Liza sebab tolong uruskan tshirt, me sebab uruskan printing (nak jugak credit...hehehe) and last but not least.... Dessy! Sebab lead Geng Piknik uruskan meals. Tanpa korang, matilah aku nak settlekan semua, kan? Apa yang penting? KERJASAMA! And my big, big, big thank you to all my 25 workout buddies yang sporting nak join xtvt ini. Love you all, muah!!!

Apart from the above, dari segi attire, selain pakaian sukan, kami kena pakai half-finger glove. So here is another story of mine.

Sabtu lepas aku sibuk keliling satu SU cari half finger glove (malas nak cari di luar kwsn). Tak ada satu kedai pun jual glove mcm tu. Then Mukhriz cakap kat aku, dia nak hadiahkan aku half-finger glove. Aku tak ambik pot sangat sebab ingatkan dia main2. Pastu ptg tu dia ajak aku gi PSU. Sampai kat PSU, dia masukkan duit kat satu mesin tikam. Yang keluar ialah sebiji bola kecik. Aku bukak bola tu, terkeluar half finger glove...tapi sebelah jer. Kat situ jugak aku tergelak besar! Then dia tikam lagi dan dapat lagi sebelah. Terer budak nie! Hahaha!

Thanks to Mukhriz, aku dapat half-finger glove nie. Glove tikam pun, glove tikamlah. After all, it's the thought that counts. Aku akan tetap pakai sebab this is something yang ada sentimental value. Cheap and nice! So, that's all for this entri. Nanti aku akan updet Part 2 plak ya. Doakan aku dan kawan2 selamat panjat dan selamat turun ke tanah! Heheheh. 

Wednesday, March 5

mini gym!

If you had an extra room in your home, what would you do with it? Like me, i rather have my own fully equipped gym. Above is a house of a friend. She bought two houses, next to each other and turn the second house into this! Jeles ai taw!!!!! 

Those who love exercises will admit that it is one of the most enjoyable activities to do, especially in one's free time. Tapi frankly, kalau korang tanya aku, ada disadvantage, which is after some times, kita akan naik bosan sebab workout sorang2. Kalau kita gi gim or fitness centre, kita ada kawan2, kita ada clique, ada geng. There's always something that motivate us to attend the session. Like me, i joined group aerobic since 2007 dan pergi gym sekali-sekala kalau ada geng. 

Maybe ada org suka exercise sendiri-sendiri, tak suka ramai2, more privasi, ataupun  segan. Ikut preference memasinglah kan. Yang penting workout and get sweat! As for me, either way pun boleh... mini gym atau g fitness center. I consider a mini gym as a bonus if i have one! Hehehe...

Sunday, March 2

my dietary supplement

Supplement man

Do you take dietary supplement ( penokok diet)? Before you try any dietary supplement, take a close look at the bottle and the science behind the claim. Then proceed with caution. If you ask me, I would prefer the one that says HALAL, approved by KKM and of course ALL NATURAL bcoz i want to avoid prescription drugs or any synthetic. 

I turned 40 recently. All this while, i was very skeptical about supplement. I hv few friends who is a doctor, a dietican and in fact, my daughter is a doc-to-be also. When in doubt, I will always ask them. Their common answer will always be, "You must take vit C & vit E, at least. Now you are no longer young. You need all that."

And finally today, I make my choice. A wise one, i hope. I've been asking around...friends mostly, about what they take for supplement. I did my own research of each product and choose what's best and suitable with my lifestyle. Honestly, i'm not so worry about what supplement to take, how to consume and whatnot bcoz i have a healthy lifestyle since my teenage years. I eat right, i do my cardio exercise regularly, i monitor my fat & calories burnt. And alhamdulillah, i never encounter any health problem so far. Syukur...

After i did my own research, this is what i opt for. Vita C & Vita E from Shaklee.  I am somehow less certain about the need to supplement with Vit C but in general, i know i need approx. 500mg to 1g of Vit C each day. Mine is 922mg. On other hand, the amount of Vit E needed by an adult is at least 15mg. Mine is 667mg. 

In short, identify your health goal and find out the best supplement to achieve them. Dont forget to know when and how much supplement is best based on your health history. As for me, i have found what's best for me.  

So, supplement wisely! 

Friday, November 15

Control Your Diet

It has been a while...

Now is the time to declare your independence by choosing to eat foods that help you reach your diet goal. For example, dont allow your host, friends, even waiter to determine what you will eat. Make that decision by yourself for once!!! Learn to determine what menus are best for you and stick with your choice. 

Hati-hati also with 'All You Can Eat" offer. These four words spell success for some restaurant. These are dietary hazards for dieters actually. The "All You Can Eat" actually is "I Dont Care!" for some restuarant owners.  

Friend can also contribute in controlling your diet. Most projects are made easier when you have a co-worker. Try team-dieting. Find a friend who also wants to shed a few pounds. This can be motivating. Remind each other of food boundaries and the benefits are mutual. Your encouragement may be just what your teammate needs. 

Here's To Our Health!

Sunday, September 22

let's get sweat!

Dah lama saya tak jengah blog kesayangan saya nie... masa mencemburui saya. Cut to the chase, ini hasil calories burnt saya selepas 2 bulan berehat daripada puasa dan raya. Tak dinafikan, berat saya agak naik sedikit akibat memenuhi undangan open house dan kenduri kahwin, tapi saya akan berusaha untuk turunkan kepada target saya. InsyaAllah, doakan saya yer. 

Wednesday, June 12

feel good!

Lifestyle.... too subjective and complicated! To me, it's how you live your life. Firstly, a passive lifestyle is just as dangerous as a large appetite. Apa saja yang kita buat atau consume (makan), akan beri kesan kepada kesihatan as well as the outlook.

You really are what you think you are. Sikap yang positif menghasilkan tindakan yang positif. One key to a successful diet is a positive outlook (berpandangan +ve). Believe that you can change your mind, body and your life. Kawal attitude and believe that you can succeed, can lose weight!

Ubah gaya hidup, inject some exercise into your routine. Cari jalan untuk sentiasa aktif, buat something yang digemari, bukan buat sebab ikut-ikutan kerana ikut-ikutan ini takan bertahan lama. When you do what you really like, it will always stay with you. Here's some lil' things that can make a big change to your life.

Take the stairs instead of elevator (unless your hands full of shopping bags, ahaks!). Take a walk at lunchtime, please park your car at the far end of the parking lot instead of next to the office building, do some desk-side exercise, pedal an exercise bike which you have invest during television viewing. And please, please, please jangan asyik terperap jer kat rumah, do some yard work, meet new people, bergaul dengan positif thinker. Ya, yang ni susah sikit sebab kita tak tahu samada orang tu positif thinker atau sebaliknya. But trust me, after a while, you will definitely know. Kita akan nampak their true colours. Kalau agak2 lain macam jer, i mean golongan keladak nie, cepat2 jauhkan diri sebab kita tak nak terkena tempias keladak mereka. Kita tak rugi sesen pun. 

As for me, I love the new me, I feel great, I feel good! I have purpose. Apabila hidup ada tujuan, kesihatan fizikal lebih mudah untuk diuruskan, then kita akan discover new discipline for all areas of life. Trust me! Last but not least, sentiasa bersyukur dengan kesihatan yang DIA berikan dan hargailah apa yang dimiliki sekarang kerana esok lusa belum tentu sama seperti hari ini.


Wednesday, May 29

thank you Karangkraf.

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sambil menyelam minum air... dapat  promote blog sendiri.

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